Nude Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s been a hot minute but I’m back now. Apologies for the long break I needed to prioritise and handle some other challenges during my break, as you know I am a public servant so it could get a bit tedious juggling an 8 to 5 and doing pursuing my passion as well.

nude makeup

Enough of my rambling lol, well I hope you’re having a great 2019 so far, for me its been comme ci comme ca but God has been faithful.

I’m starting of my first post for the year with this advanced nude makeup tutorial. I understand that most people desire the polished look but can’t seem to achieve it or end up going over board lol. Nude makeup might appear simple but requires several steps, tricks and techniques to achieve. However I will simplik you nude makeup like a pro. I hope you like it and learn a thing or two please click here and enjoy. while you’re at it you might also enjoy this video



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