I thought I should take you on a step by step tutorial on how to achieve a very simple easy peasy day to day Eye makeup. To achieve this look I used just one eyeshadow palette so you don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s get into it….

Products Needed:

Application process

Please note that for this look all colours are creams, browns and dark browns

  • Apply LA girl HD primer on your eyes and spread evenly using you finger or a dense blending eyebrush;
  • Using a Flat stiff brush apply an eyeshadow slightly lighter than your skintone across your brow bone, working your way down to your crease. This will make your eyebrows standout;
  • Next apply a transition colour across your eyecrease using a fluffy blending brush. Blend in a circular motion down to your eyelid while fading out towards your brow bone to avoid harsh lines;
  • Using the same blending brush apply a slightly darker colour right on your crease, starting from the outer corner of your eyes and blend in a circular motion fading in towards your tear duct area;
  • Going in with the NYX liquid matte eyeliner to line your upper lash line. I know you love the wing liner, but you dread the application. All I can say is practice makes perfect and in all honesty I still mess it up sometimes lol (refer to this video at 21:38 mark), the secret is steady hands, a pointed applicator and a swift and precise swipe;
  • Then using the Maybelline Colossal Kajal or any other smudge proof eye pencil, line your lower lash line to make your eyes POP!
  • Finally, apply a good coat of your favourite mascara to finish your whole look.

And there you have it, very easy and simple, you can wear this look ANYWHERE!!! Apply lashes if required.

Tag me on Instagram if you recreate this look, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

PS: You don’t have to use exactly what I used be creative and proactive, I would be glad to give you other options.


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